A few things you need to know about the next generation of iPhone and Android devices

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Posted by TechCrunch on Monday, February 26, 2020 04:37:12In the year to March, Apple sold more than 4.6 million iPhones.

It’s the highest single-month iPhone sales since the iPhone 6s and the highest quarterly iPhone sales ever.

The iPhone 6, which shipped out in June, is the most expensive phone ever made, and its launch was also the first iPhone to ship with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

But there’s another reason to consider the iPhone.

In 2018, Apple announced it would buy rival Android maker Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion.

It was a coup for the company, which had been rumored for years that it was in serious talks with a deal to buy Motorola.

But after Apple’s $12 billion offer was rejected, the company decided to instead focus its resources on the new iPhone.

For years, Apple has tried to build an iOS-based mobile operating system, known as OS X. The company first announced its OS X 10.10.1 update back in May.

But Apple’s OS X has been plagued with problems.

Its new version, OS X Yosemite, is now available for free.

But the company hasn’t released a new OS X for the iPhone, instead opting to roll out the OS X Sierra update.

This latest version of OS X is a major update that improves performance and stability.

In addition, Apple is adding a new feature called “Safari for Mac,” which enables you to use the phone on a computer running the operating system.

This new feature will allow you to access some of the best features in the operating room, like Google Play Music, Maps, and other online services.

With its new OS, Apple can now continue to push the iOS version of the operating, which is currently a critical part of the iPhone and other iPhone-based devices.

But with the launch of OS 12, Apple’s focus is on its new smartphone.

Apple’s first iPhone was unveiled at the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference in May 2019.

This was just a couple months after Apple had sold 1.2 million iPhones worldwide.

The new iPhone will be available in four color options: silver, gold, rose gold, and rose gold.

It will be priced at $649.99, $699.99 for the 16GB model, and $749.99 (in-store) for the 32GB model.

There are no plans for the third-generation iPhone, which was supposed to launch later this year.

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