A new study finds ‘the majority’ of Americans are unhappy with their lives

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NEW YORK — A new study says that only about half of Americans think they are satisfied with their job and about a third say they are unhappy about their lives.

The report, released Wednesday by the Brookings Institution, a Washington-based think tank, found that while Americans were generally happy, there was a big gap in satisfaction between the haves and the have-nots.

Overall, just over half of people said they were happy with their jobs, compared with about one in five who said they are dissatisfied.

And nearly half of those surveyed said they had a fair amount of stress in their lives, compared to less than a quarter who said the same about their families.

The poll also found that about a quarter of Americans were dissatisfied with their financial situation.

The report says that’s about the same as the percentage who say they’re unhappy with how their finances are going.

But about half said they weren’t bothered by how they are getting along, with a similar share of people saying they weren´t bothered by the weather.

The survey also found many people were unhappy with the way they were raised.

About half of the people surveyed said their parents raised them poorly, compared and exceeding the percentage of Americans who said their mothers raised them well.

The other half said their dads raised them more gently than their mothers.

The study comes as Republicans in Congress and in the White House are pushing legislation that would create an independent watchdog to examine the performance of the federal government and the Federal Reserve.

The Brookings report notes that while the majority of Americans say they feel the nation is headed in the right direction, they don’t think their lives are improving.

About one-third of Americans feel that way, while 42 percent say they have not made any progress.

While dissatisfaction with the nation as a whole is high, there is also an element of pessimism among the public.

Nearly half of all Americans say the federal budget is too tight, compared in the new survey with just over a quarter that said the federal deficit is too high.

And about one-quarter of Americans said the deficit is getting worse, compared as a share of the economy.

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