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Minnesota real estate agent to lose $1M in insurance claims after company failed to disclose the risk

Updated March 12, 2018 3:30:15After receiving a complaint about his home’s condition, Dan Fong

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There’s a new breed of real estate agent that’s taking the big city market by storm.They&

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title The New Yorker’s Art of a New Yorker: Why It Matters in the Age of Trump article title Wh

What’s Real Estate in CT?

With a population of around 21 million, New York City has a big appetite for new real estate.But it h

Man charged with felony drug trafficking

Man charged in Florida for allegedly importing cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana from Colombia h

Pinnacle Real Estate, Pinnacle Property Group, Pernod Ricard & Ricard Partners acquire Perno Realty &amp.; Ricard for $2.5 billion

Rex Real Estate and Pernot Ricard Property Group have acquired Pernoy Realty, an Omaha-based real est

Why is it so difficult for Jews to find affordable housing in New York City?

In an attempt to keep their Jewish roots alive, Jewish New Yorkers have resorted to using the money t

What is the Most Dangerous Place in Italy?

Italy has one of the most dangerous cities in Europe.Its residents have the most homicides, suicides

Which real estate advertisement is most effective?

This is a tough question.Real estate advertising has been going strong for some time now.Advertisemen

“Beverly Hills: The Beverly Hills Nine” premieres in India

The fifth season of Beverly Hills: Nine begins streaming on January 6 on Netflix India.The drama, whi

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