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How the real estate industry is treating Austin real estate

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AUSTIN, Texas — The real estate community is outraged over what it calls the government’s “disgraceful” and “reckless” treatment of Austin’s housing crisis, with local leaders warning that the realtor industry is now trying to stop residents from leaving.

On Friday, the Austin American-Statesman reported that real estate developers were attempting to “seize” homes from residents who have lost their homes due to the city’s severe housing crisis.

“I just have a feeling it’s not going to end well,” Austin Mayor Steve Adler said.

“The people are not going anywhere.

We’re going to keep fighting.”

The realtor lobby is not the only one in the Austin area upset over the housing crisis that has ravaged the city.

A statewide report released last week by the American Real Estate Association found that Austin’s vacancy rate is the second-highest in the nation.

The realtors’ group is also fighting back against what it describes as government overreach.

“The realty industry has been doing nothing but work for years,” said Robert Kostka, president of the Austin-based Association of Real Estate Boards of America.

“It is a government-sanctioned industry that is taking advantage of a crisis.

We have to stop this and get it back to the market.”

Kostka called the realtoring industry’s actions “disgusting.”

“I’m not surprised they’re taking such a drastic approach to get rid of the residents, but it’s outrageous.

They have the ability to do it, and they don’t,” he said.

The Austin realtor’s group has a history of taking legal action against those it considers corrupt, but Kostki said the realty lobby’s actions in Austin will not be tolerated.

“I think they’ve got a lot of money and they’ll do what they can to stop the movement,” he told The American Conservatives.

He said the association plans to hold a news conference on Friday to address the real-estate industry’s efforts to force residents out of Austin.

The Austin-area realtor group is trying to fight back against the realist community, which has been the most vocal in criticizing the realts, Adler added.

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