More than a million people are losing their homes to foreclosure in the US

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Millions of Americans are losing the houses they bought decades ago. 

And those who aren’t have little choice but to go through foreclosure. 

That’s according to a new report from the National Association of Realtors. 

The real estate industry has been reporting on this problem for years.

The realty industry has made an estimated $1.6 trillion in profit this year, according to the Realtor Association, and they’ve seen huge increases in both total value and the number of properties they own. 

But the report also highlights a huge undervaluation of home ownership and the fact that the real estate market is so saturated that many people can’t get a loan.

 The National Association for Home Equity and Mortgage Insurance (NAHIM) released a report this week that found that 4.7 million Americans are underwater on their mortgages, and more than 7 million have mortgages that are at least 30 years old. 

This is a problem for many because the average income for an owner of a home is still only $51,000 a year.

That’s well below the median income for the country. 

The real estate business in the United States is not booming. 

Despite all of the recent news about the housing market, the realtors industry says that it’s not going anywhere. 

“The realty market is not in a bubble,” said Naimi.

“It’s not in trouble.

It’s just a problem that is being exacerbated by a lack of affordability.” 

The NAHIM report notes that the housing bubble has been inflated in many ways, from the fact the housing markets have not kept pace with demand for homes and the high number of homebuyers. 

In the past decade, realtor demand has been very high.

In 2008, the year the housing crash hit, demand for housing reached a record high. 

However, it took a while for demand to pick up.

The housing bubble is not just about the lack of demand. 

People are moving into homes because they are unable to afford to buy a home. 

And that means the demand for rentals has also been very strong. 

We saw a huge surge in rents in the last decade and a half, and that means that people are not able to afford homes anymore.

As a result, there are fewer homes being built. 

NAHim says that the high supply of housing means there is not enough rental stock to meet the needs of the people who are moving to live in homes.

In other words, the housing crisis is a shortage. 

It means that the problem of the housing stock and the housing supply are intertwined. 

According to the NAHOM report, the market for homes is not creating enough housing for the number that is needed. 

To be sure, the average household is making less money than they used to. 

But, according a recent report by Zillow, the median household income in the U.S. has declined by $2,200 since 2010, from $53,000 to $52,000. 

For many people, this means that their homes are not being built because they simply can’t afford them. 

While the housing shortage is a big problem for the American economy, it’s a problem the realtor industry is not yet prepared to deal with. 

There’s a real estate bubble in America and it’s causing a real problem for realtoring.

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