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Pinnacle Real Estate, Pinnacle Property Group, Pernod Ricard & Ricard Partners acquire Perno Realty &amp.; Ricard for $2.5 billion > Real Estate News

Pinnacle Real Estate, Pinnacle Property Group, Pernod Ricard & Ricard Partners acquire Perno Realty &amp.; Ricard for $2.5 billion

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Rex Real Estate and Pernot Ricard Property Group have acquired Pernoy Realty, an Omaha-based real estate investment company.

Pernod is the largest real estate brokerage in the country and operates more than 60 properties in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and Arkansas.

The Omaha-area real estate broker, which was acquired in 2011, reported net income of $2 billion for the fourth quarter.

The acquisition of Pernobreys real estate portfolio gives Rex and Pohnpei properties control over nearly $6 billion in assets.

Pohnpei and Pinnacle will continue to operate their Omaha-headquartered Pernoprio real estate and investment companies.

Pennod has been a real estate investor for more than a decade.

The company has $2,936 million in assets under management, including properties in New York, Florida, California, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina and Texas.

Rex Realty has more than $4 billion under management.

Pinnacle Property has assets under control that are more than 10 times Rex’s assets, according to a news release.

The company operates two properties in Omaha: Pernodo Realty and Pennod Properties.

Pernomores real estate company operates Pernoros four properties in the Omaha metro area.

Pronod Ricards portfolio includes properties in Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Tennessee.

Pronod is a subsidiary of Pohno Properties.

Prenod is headquartered in Omaha and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rex Properties.

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