Property prices surge ahead of federal election

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Property prices in the Sydney suburb of Richmond have risen by 5 per cent in the past two weeks, a sign the housing market is on the rise ahead of the federal election.

The market has now risen by more than 5 per.cent in three months, a gain of nearly 1 per cent, the benchmark ASX 200 index said on Tuesday.

The ASX200 index is considered a proxy for Australian housing markets, with the broader index having its own strength.

The average price in Richmond has risen by 9.9 per cent so far this year, according to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

It’s now the third-highest rate of increase among Sydney’s suburbs after Geelong and the City.

Richmond, which has a population of nearly 6.5 million, is one of Sydney’s most diverse suburbs, with more than 20 per cent of residents living in ethnic and racial minority backgrounds.

The suburb’s median house price is $2.4 million.

It also has a strong rental market, with vacancy rates below 10 per cent.

“Richmond is one city where you can have a house for under $1 million,” said Ms Hilda.

“You can live on your $1.6 million apartment.

You can buy a home for $1,200,000 and live in a house that’s worth $1m.”

Ms Hildreth said the surge in price was a reflection of the strong rental and commercial sectors of the city, as well as an improvement in the quality of the market.

“The rental market has really started to improve,” she said.

“There’s more competition in that market and more people are getting into that market.”

Ms Latham said she thought the high interest rate was a big factor.

“That’s really good for the people that want to buy,” she told the ABC.

“I think that will drive demand and that will push prices up a little bit.”

Mr Dutton said the Federal Government had taken steps to reduce mortgage rates, which are currently 10 per of the median income.

“It is clear to me that this is a good opportunity for the government to do a little something to stimulate the housing sector,” he said.

Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison has made a number of policy announcements in recent months to improve the affordability of the housing industry, including making it easier to borrow, relaxing restrictions on the number of people that can apply for a mortgage and increasing the cap on how many mortgages can be issued.

The federal Government is also investing $500 million to create 250,000 jobs over the next five years, including an extra $50 million to help local communities with infrastructure projects.

Ms Lothard said she was hoping for the Federal Budget to contain some of the spending.

“We’ll get a lot of money into housing and we’ll also get a fair amount of money out of the Government to give back to the community,” she warned.

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