What do you know about real estate brokers and their websites?

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Brokers and real estate agents are big business in India, but it’s the people who run them that can get you the most bang for your buck. 

The real estate industry is not the only one that can help you make money.

Many of these sites are just as profitable as any other.

And they’re free. 

To find out more, I spoke to the people running these businesses.

Here’s what they told me about the job. 

 Brokerage website Real Estate Commission of India (RECI) has been around since 2004.

Its founder, Suresh Mehta, who has worked at the agency since 2003, started with a basic platform for people to connect with agents and brokerages in 2010.

The platform had just four basic sections.

These were listing brokers, contact agents, real estate brokerage, and website. 

“This was quite a big jump from a platform of a single website to a multi-billion dollar business,” Mehtas told me. 

Real estate brokerage site Real Estate Brokerage Services Pvt Ltd was launched in 2008.

Its core function was listing agents.

Its goal was to be the number one brokerage website for real estate in India.

In 2014, the company was valued at $8 billion. 

Contact agents Realestate Brokerages Pvt.

Ltd, which also launched in 2014, now lists about 15,000 agents, brokers and brokers’ offices.

Its primary focus is in the US, Singapore, and Hong Kong. 

This platform has grown from just a single listing site to a global leader.

“Our mission is to help our agents sell and manage properties and promote them to their clients,” Mehtaras told  me.

“We are constantly looking for opportunities to grow our platform.” 

Realtor Realty Brokers Pvt and Realo Real Estate Brokers Ltd are also based in the same city. 

Its core focus is listing agents and brokers. 

We wanted to build a better platform, which helps agents and realtors.

We believe in the power of real estate. 

As an agent, Mehtachas says that the goal of the company is to get agents, brokerages and realty firms involved in real estate transactions. 

RECS is the oldest and largest real estate broker in India and it has been running for nearly 30 years.

“I remember the days of just going to a local broker and finding out what the agents were charging for houses, what the price was for the properties and that sort of thing,” Mehanas said.

“It was a very time-consuming process and the clients would have to pay very high fees for realtorship.” 

Brokers Realities brokerage has been around for more than a decade.

It started in 2009, and it’s now a major player in the market. 

It lists agents, brokerage firms, realtor, realestate broker and even real estate agency. 

Brokeshare is a group of realtor agencies in the city of Jaipur.

Its main focus is on selling properties to realtORS. 

Suresh says its primary focus was on helping agents and the realtoring industry. 

What brokers do Realists broker is a group that sells real estate to clients.

They have a database of realtORs that are listed on their website.

“The number one focus is for agents to find agents and get them to buy property,” Sureshu said. 

Bids and offers The broker’s website shows how much a house is worth and when a buyer can buy it. 

In the case of a bid for a house, the broker gets to make a decision. 

If a buyer doesn’t accept the bid, the brokerage then gets to offer to sell it at a price that the buyer can afford. 

A buyer may also get to accept or decline the offer. 

So, the brokers make a sale on behalf of the buyer. 

You can see how many times a home is listed on the website.

Bidding on houses The bidding process is similar to that of a sale. 

There is a process for the buyer and a seller. 

Both the buyer who pays the money and the seller who accepts the bid need to go to the broker and submit their bids. 

At this stage, the buyer receives the bid and the broker approves the bid. 

After the transaction is finalised, the two parties agree on the price. 

Then, the seller takes the bid out for a final check-up.

The broker then pays the seller. 

  The buyers pay the money for the houses. 

I understand, how the bidding process works, but what is the process for a seller to accept a bid? 

It is very similar to a buy/sell transaction. 

When the seller accepts

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