What’s trending on Reddit? | Reddit Real Estate Lead

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A couple of months ago, Reddit Real Property Lead Jason Zawinski posted a thread on the site’s front page asking users for their thoughts on the upcoming auction of a former hotel.

We have a very active and passionate community here, and we’ve all been very vocal about this project.

While the site does not have a formal process for soliciting bids, it seems clear that the sale of the property will be a major event for the community.

In addition to the general interest interest in the site, there are a number of threads on Reddit dedicated to bidding on properties that will be up for sale.

One of the most popular, “I am a realtor, and this is my favorite post ever,” has over 3,200 comments.

The first of these threads, titled “Real Estate, the real estate bubble,” had over 2,300 comments in the time it had been active, and the second thread, titled, “Are you excited to bid on this historic piece of real estate?,” has about 2,000 comments.

The posts have received hundreds of thousands of views.

There are also threads dedicated to the auction of properties on Reddit’s “Auction Board,” where users post their bids and bid prices.

On Reddit, there is also a subreddit devoted to the sale, where members can submit bids, and other communities such as “Auctions and Real Estate” have threads dedicated specifically to the listing of real properties.

In addition, there has been some discussion on the social networking site about the real property itself.

It has been suggested that the auction may not be a good idea for most people who are new to the site.

“I think there’s a lot of people who don’t know anything about real estate and don’t want to buy a real estate property,” one Redditor wrote.

Another Redditor responded, “We’re not asking for a lot, but we’re not saying no either.”

Another user suggested that people who would like to buy an old home should not bid on it because the property “might not be the best for it.”

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