Why you need to buy a home in Seattle to save money on medical expenses

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It’s not unusual to see a few properties that look like their owners have done something right for decades.

A house with an open kitchen or bathroom.

A garage with a walk-in closet.

Or maybe a garage with an actual walk-out closet.

The same could be said for a house with a drive-in movie theater.

But for most people, buying a house in Seattle is not a realistic option.

The median price of a single-family home in the Seattle metro area is now $1.3 million.

That’s about the same as it was in the mid-2000s, according to Zillow, a real estate data company.

That number has dropped nearly 40 percent in the past 10 years.

But a lot has changed since then.

Here’s a look at how Seattle has changed.

• Most Seattle homes are not “condos,” like they were in the early 2000s.

Most people know what condos are, and there’s a reason for that.

Condos, a term that means a structure with three or more units that have a common entrance and exit, are often considered the next-biggest type of home.

In Seattle, condos are a rarity because of the shortage of available housing.

The average price of an existing single-detached house in the city is $1,200, according the Seattle-based real estate research firm Zillower.

That means you’re getting a median price that’s about 50 percent less than the median price in Seattle for the same property.

• Seattle has also made it easier to build a new single-storey condo, with developers starting to build them in recent years.

The city has opened more than 10,000 properties for new single family housing, according a new report by the Seattle Association of Realtors.

The most common types of single-unit condos are condos, townhouses and duplexes.

They range in price from about $200,000 to more than $1 million.

The majority of new single units are designed to house a family of four, while a small percentage are designed for single-person households.

The report says the average number of units per unit in single-residential buildings is 3.3.

That compares to 3.7 in condominiums, 1.7 for townhouses, 1 in duplex and 1.4 for townhomes.

There are also more single-story single-residence condos than condominium buildings in Seattle, with more than 40,000 units on the market in the region.

In the past decade, the average sales price for a single family home in all of Seattle has gone up by more than 50 percent, according, to Ziller, to about $1 billion.

But in the last few years, sales have dropped in the market for single family homes in other cities.

A big reason for the drop is the federal mortgage relief tax credit, which was recently extended for many of the same reasons.

The tax credit gives tax credits for new homes built after the end of 2017, as well as tax credits in place for existing single family properties.

The credit is set to expire in 2019.

But there’s still time to take advantage of the credit, and Seattle is offering up to $1million in tax credits to people who buy their first home and make their mortgage payments within 30 days.

• More people are choosing to live in single family and dupplex homes in Seattle.

The number of single family houses and dupples in Seattle has increased by nearly 30 percent since 2000.

In 2000, the number of such houses was about 7,000.

By 2014, it was almost 50,000 and now is about 70,000, according Zilloviews figures.

In all, there are about 755,000 single family, duplex or townhouse homes in the metro area.

There’s more than 1,000 townhouses in the same city, according Tobermory, a market research firm.

Those numbers are on track to increase, with the city’s number of existing single home units rising more than 5 percent over the last decade.

But the housing shortage is making it difficult for people to buy in the area.

According to Zills data, single- and duplles-only homeownerships in the entire Seattle region are down nearly 3 percent since 2006.

And while single-income homeownership has risen, the gap between the two groups is still much wider than it was 10 years ago, according IncentiveNet, a housing affordability research firm that specializes in housing.

That may explain why many Seattleites who can afford to buy single-home homes are looking elsewhere.

The biggest reason people are leaving Seattle is the housing crisis.

In 2010, there were 1.3 new single household homes for every 1,400 single-families.

That has since fallen to about 1 for every 2,500 single-pairs homes.

But if you look at all of the new single house units

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